Benefit From Protective Carpet Cleaning Services in Wigan

Carpet Cleaners WiganKeeping your favourite carpets and rugs looking good and hygienic requires professional cleaning on a regular basis. It also helps significantly increase your soft floorings lifespan. No matter the type of your carpet, our competent cleaners will always ensure outstanding results. Take advantage of this specialised and thorough process of carpet cleaning. Give yourself a clean home environment with no fuss and inconvenience today.

Work with a company that can efficiently remove various types of stains that happen from everyday life. Usually, the high-traffic areas of your carpets are the most soiled ones and require more attention. All stubborn spots are pre-treated with powerful detergents with a green stamp of approval, ensuring a safer home environment for you and your family. To further prolong the life of your carpets and rugs, a Scotchgard layer can be applied on request, protecting the fabric and preventing future soiling.

Modern Carpet Cleaning Techniques and Solutions

The quality carpet cleaning process depends not only on the machinery and the applied cleaning products. It’s all about proper assessment, preparation and stain pre-treatment. After that, one of these two efficient cleaning techniques is performed:

  • Hot Water Extraction: A pre-heated water and detergent solution is injected deep into the carpet fabric. At the same time, a powerful vacuum machine extracts all dirt and almost 95% of the moisture from the textile. A few hours are needed for your carpet to be completely dry.
  • Dry Carpet Cleaning: A biodegradable cleaning compound is spread over your carpet and is gently brushed into the fibers. This no-moisture cleaning approach breaks the binding of soils to fabrics, allowing a powerful vacuum to suck away all dirt and grime along with the powder cleanser. The end result – instantly clean and dry carpets.

Efficient Upholstery Cleaning Services For Your Home in Wigan

Your upholstered furniture is a major investment. Protect it with regular cleaning that not only extends its lifespan but also maintains its colours and appearance. With access to modern cleaning equipment and powerful detergents, our cleaning teams guarantee a noticeable difference in your upholstery cleanliness. They can handle with ease sofas, armchairs, ottomans, recliners and more. Ensure a more hygienic living environment for yourself, your family and friends.

Schedule Your Carpet Cleaning Services Today

  • Restorative cleaning: Get back the colours of your carpets and upholstery with no risk of shrinkage of the material
  • Expert cleaning teams: Work with adept carpet cleaners that have undergone a thorough training process
  • Modern cleaning techniques: Efficient cleaning methods that are suitable for any type of textile
  • Fabric protection: Apply a Scotchgard layer to prevent future soiling and damage
  • Green products: Eco-friendly detergents that sanitise and remove all stains and bad smells off your carpets and upholstery
  • Suitable scheduling slots: Appointments on weekends and holidays
  • Special discounts for you: A great addition to your domestic cleaning appointments and end of tenancy cleaning sessions
  • All-day availability: Our customer care representatives are at your disposal 24/7 on 01942 562 029
  • Personalised estimates: Get your free and no-obligation quotes on all services today
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Jordan Bowen 4
Sweep and Swab Wigan I can say only positive things about your cleaning services. My booked cleaning team came at the exact time we’ve agreed and without losing any time they started doing their job. Based on the cleanliness of my home I could tell they know their profession...
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Sweep and Swab Wigan I can only say “WOW” to your carpet cleaning service. I did not expect my cleaners to remove every dirt spot from the carpet, but to my amazement every single one is gone! Even though you said there is a chance that some of the staining may not...